Understand the residency permit with labor contract in Brazil

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The possibility of moving to another country always brings mixed feelings. After all, it is an opportunity to expand knowledge, learn about new cultures and accumulate experiences. However, despite the excitement, we know that the fear and insecurity of embarking on an unknown world are part of this process. Not to mention that, in many cases, the bureaucracy is an obstacle that difficults the moving process.

So, in order to make this migration process a little easier, we have separated, in this article, some tips on the topic that you need to know. We hope that, through this information, you feel safer to embark on a new journey or to help someone who is preparing to come to Brazil. Good reading!

What is the residency permit with labor contract?

A residency permit in Brazil is nothing more than a permit issued by the Brazilian government, which grants migrants an extended stay in national territory. However, for this approval to be granted, it is necessary to meet some requirements of the required modality.

In principle, the guidelines governing this immigration process were defined by Law No. 13.445/17, by Regulatory Norm No. 9.199/17 and by Normative Resolutions No. 01/17 and No. 02/17. The visa granting system in Brazil works through demands, which means that migrants who want to work in Brazilian territory must submit a job offer from a national company.

Therefore, it is necessary to start the process of obtaining a residency permit, whether for an indefinite or temporary period, in order to obtain approval from the Ministry of Justice. The authorization can be requested either in Brazil through the Ministry, or abroad through a Brazilian Consulate. In this sense, we realize that getting a residency permit is essential for those who want to work in Brazilian territory, as it is impossible to hire a migrant without this document.

What are the requirements and documents needed?

The requirements for obtaining a residency permit to work in Brazil are as follows:

  • the role that the migrant will perform here in Brazil must be compatible with his qualification and professional experience;
  • compatibility with the limit of 1/3 of foreign employees in relation to Brazilian employees, regarding the total number of employees and payroll.

As for the documents, the following are required:

  • proof of academic and professional qualification:
  • certificate of completion of higher education (with professional experience of at least two years) or of specialties, such as master’s, doctorate, postgraduate studies (with at least 360 hours and professional experience of at least 1 year in the field specialization) and technical (with professional experience of at least 3 years);
  • for occupations that do not require a technical or higher level, proof of schooling with a minimum period of 12 years must be presented, in addition to a professional experience of at least 4 years;
  • for an artistic or cultural activity that does not require schooling, proof of professional experience of at least 3 years;
  • employment contract between the Brazilian legal company and the migrant;
  • corporate document of the Brazilian legal company and act of election or appointment of its legal representative, duly registered in the competent body, as well as the Taxpayer Registration Number – CNPJ;
  • the migrant’s valid travel document.

How to proceed to request this authorization?

The General Immigration Coordination of the Ministry of Justice is responsible for issuing the residency permit in Brazil for work purposes. However, it is possible that this document is provided by the Brazilian consular authorities. In this case, it is necessary that you gather all the necessary documentation and go to one of these institutions to start the process of granting the authorization.

So, these were our tips for obtaining authorization, or depending on the case, a visa. However, we emphasize, finally, the importance of having a specialized assistance to help you throughout the immigration process. After all, through this support, you get more agility, convenience and avoid a series of potential problems with the documentation.

Need specialized support? Get in contact to our team.

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