Residence permit for professional training in Brazil: how does it work?

Do you want to know how the residence permit for professional training in Brazil works? In 2017, the Brazilian government made some changes to Brazil’s migration regulations, with the aim of adapting to the country’s new migratory scenario.

Therefore, companies interested in hiring foreign labor, either permanently or temporarily, must apply for a work permit at the General Immigration Coordination, an agency of the Ministry of Labor and Employment. The request must be made by submitting the Request for Work Authorization, signed and forwarded by your legal representative or attorney-in-fact, accompanied by specific documents.

Knowing that during this application process it is common for doubts to arise regarding deadlines and documents, we prepared this article to clarify the main questions on the subject. Keep reading!

What is a residency permit for professional training?

The residence permit for professional training is nothing more than a document that allows a migrant to reside in Brazil to occupy a professional position, without an employment relationship in the country. In this case, professional training with the Brazilian company is authorized.

Why is it needed in Brazil?

As we mentioned, over the last few years, Brazilian migration legislation has had to adapt to the new reality. This is because the number of migrants looking for a job opportunity in Brazilian territory only grew. However, having only the job offer, accompanied by the promise of formalization through contracts or provision of services, was not enough to make the migratory process regular and control the entry of migrants into the country.

Therefore, the residence permit for work purposes has precisely this objective: to control the entry of immigrants, allowing the work performed in Brazilian territory to be legally recognized.

How does this authorization mode work?

This type of authorization covers two situations: previous residence and residence. The first case is specific to those who live abroad and wish to move to Brazil to occupy a professional position in a Brazilian company or institution. In the second situation, the migrant is already in Brazilian territory and wants to work for a Brazilian company or institution.

What are the main observations about authorization?

Although the migration process is not as complicated as most people think, it is natural that, when applying for authorization, there are some doubts that make the step more difficult. So, to simplify the process, we have separated the main observations that you need to pay attention to.


In order for the migrant to get the Ministry of Labor to grant the prior residence permit, which guarantees the temporary visa for work purposes, it is necessary to present some documents. Some examples are:

  • proof of the employment relationship between the foreign company and the migrant;
  • proof of agreement between the foreign subsidiary and the Brazilian company of the same economic group;
  • document reporting the training plan and the justification for the need to hire a migrant professional;
  • company statement stating that the migrant’s remuneration will be made through a source abroad.


The term of residence is a maximum of two years and cannot be renewed. For those who are already in Brazilian territory, authorization can be granted by the Ministry of Labor, upon presentation of the documents mentioned above.


Can we clarify your doubts about the residence permit for professional training? To help make this acquisition process even simpler and more practical, we advise you to rely on the support of a specialist consultancy. In that case, we at BR-Visa can help.

Interested and want to know more about it or learn more about our services? So, contact us right now.

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