Relocation and its importance to your employees coming from abroad to work in Brazil

Many companies invest in integration processes to adapt the new employee to the organizational culture they establish. However, there are those professionals from abroad who need more than that to adapt. At this point, it’s interesting to understand what relocation is.

Aiming to meet the increase in workers and executives coming from other countries and the need to receive them in the best possible way, ensuring a good atmosphere, this practice has been increasingly adopted in people management.

Do you know what relocation is and how important it is to employees? Read on to understand how this service works once and for all!

What is relocation?

It is an assistance provided to make life easier for professionals coming from abroad to work in Brazil. Usually offered by the hiring company, relocation provides security for the move and provides information about the new destination.

The program serves to help both people who are coming from foreign branches and those who have never had contact with the company. The idea is to structure the migrant to his new life at the destination in order to optimize his professional performance and personal satisfaction.


The actions can be varied, as they depend on the organization’s policy, the circumstances surrounding the employee and the available budget. But, regardless of the package requested, the services ensure that the person has the resources to solve problems at this stage of life.

In larger projects, which have a large volume of employees from other countries, it is possible to find a team to solve all issues related to relocation. This option reduces costs and ensures greater flexibility in the integration process.


Every investment is reflected in the employee’s performance. This is because it is normal for professionals to try to compensate and create an even greater identification with the job when they feel valued and happy.

When considering whether relocation is worthwhile or not, it is also important to consider the common costs of a wrong hire or poor integration. Putting everything down on paper, the manager will realize that it is cheaper to keep a talent than to go to market again.

Why is this servisse necessary?

Many multinational companies invest in the expatriation of employees to Brazil. This movement of foreigners coming to the country generates an increase in the search for relocation services, due to all the support provided to these individuals and their families. Therefore, it is important that, when making this change, the employee can count on good support and structure in this adaptation phase.

For example, let’s say an employee lives in Italy with his wife and his company has decided to transfer him to Brazil to contribute to a new project. At this point, some concerns related to the transfer may arise, such as: whether the new city is safe, how to find a good house to live in, among others.

So, the relocation service provides all the specialized consultancy during the expatriation stages and, thus, makes this employee more relaxed and secure about adapting to Brazil, in addition to helping him to feel more confident and motivated about this work proposal.

What are the benefits provided by the service?

Relocation is a great option to avoid problems with documentation, since, in Brazil, some rules are confusing and the interpretation ends up being subjective. If chasing papers is already a complicated task, imagine having to correct what went wrong, right?

The fact that Brazil has a consulate in several countries contributes to advancing some issues, but such assistance is not enough to eliminate the problems of legalizing the worker and the family. Relocation is much more complete than that.

The service prevents employees who have just arrived from having problems for not knowing the laws of our country. In other words, it prevents them from paying dearly for something that is not in line with the normal value, or from hiring unnecessary items either.

Therefore, having relocation brings more peace of mind to professionals and their families during the transition. The impact of the change is mitigated, while the worker can focus his energies on the company’s goals. This is because he arrives in the country ready to carry out his activities and participate more actively in decision-making and in strategic business tasks.

The relocation service also generates advantages for the company, as it will demonstrate professionalism and concern for its expatriate professionals to the market, as well as promoting a very positive image of commitment and seriousness.

However, for all these benefits to be achieved, it is essential that this transition is carried out without unforeseen events for the employee and the organization, taking into account expectations and adequate insertion to the local reality.

What are the relocation fronts?

The services offered, as mentioned above, depend on a number of factors. Below, we list the most common relocation fronts that are valued by employees.


It is when the company helps the professional to find a place to live. In these cases, there may even be a temporary or permanent housing subsidy when the organization pays the house expenses for a fixed period of time or permanently.

Housing ranges from the search for flats or temporary housing, the welcome-kit, the meeting of expectations between HR and the migrant professional, to the search for real estate, the analysis of contracts, the intelligent inspection of facilities and maintenance of the property.


The service is mainly aimed at assisting professionals’ children. A survey of schools within the profile of children is carried out, with information about vacancies, dates and schedule of visits to the places. With this help, the worker has more security to make such a radical change in his life (and that of his family).

Settling In

Organizing and hiring services such as cable TV, internet, electricity, gas, opening a bank account and monitoring the hiring of labor, such as day laborers and employees in general, are actions that can become easier than usual. That’s because Settling In offers the necessary support for the person to adapt to the new lifestyle and avoid wasting time or money.

And it doesn’t stop there: the service can also accompany the move and the purchase and/or lease of furniture and equipment, among others.

Departure Services

Just as arriving in a country involves several challenges, leaving can be equally complicated. As the professional has limited time to solve pending issues (due to the workload), he sometimes ends up not handling everything.

However, the company has the option to back it up. With repatriation services, it is possible to arrange the termination of the lease, the delivery of the property, the cancellation of accounts and the lifting of items for sale.

Complementary services

In addition to specific aid, there are complementary ones. Spouse career counseling, Taylor Made trainings, payments coordination, custom cultural tours, and more are in the supplemental services group.

The professional can also request an accompaniment around the city to know the main hospitals, clinics and tourist attractions. He also has the option of asking for an indication to hire health, car, housing insurance or whatever he deems necessary for the adaptation to be complete.

How can BR-Visa help in this process?

Arriving in a foreign country can offer a series of opportunities, however, it requires several adaptations. It is for this reason that BR-Visa offers relocation services: assisting in the moving and arrival of these international employees, taking care of all the bureaucratic procedures and details that could cause problems in the future.

This way, the worker has more time to deal with some aspects that must be observed, for example, helping the family to adapt to the new life routine, understanding the country’s culture, training the local language, making new friends and taking a stand in a positive way in the new work environment. It is necessary to make it clear that this type of assistance is not restricted to the employee in question. This process encompasses your entire family.

For 10 years, BR-Visa has been an International Mobility consultancy specializing in all stages of migration, from transfer to accommodation of migrants on national soil or abroad.

In this article, you saw the main ways to integrate employees who come from abroad, as well as what relocation is and the advantages of having such services in this process. Thus, if you want to guarantee the success of this endeavor, the tip is to hire a specialized migration consultancy to establish the person in Brazil safely and efficiently.

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