We are BR-VISA

BR-Visa Migration Solutions is a Global Mobility consulting firm specialized in all stages from transfer to customer accommodation on national or overseas soil.

The company has visas and documents services necessary for the entry and permanence of migrants in Brazil and the departure of Brazilians and other nationalities citizens.

BR-Visa also assists with the tax obligations of the migrant and offers a 360 solution for newly arrived expatriates in the country with Relocation services.

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BR-Visa serves all over Brazil. Initially established in Brasília, it also has offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza, as well as specialized consultants in various locations throughout the country. International demands are met by Miami office, as well as overseas partners and correspondents with vast experience in the migration area.


Provision of consulting services and advice on migration processes, as well as in obtaining and legalizing documents.


To be a reference of quality and prioritize a prosperous and lasting partnership with customers.


Efficiency; Ethics and Confidentiality; Commitment; Collaboration and Partnership; Social Responsibility.

Our team

Aleff Aparecido

Aneliza Carvalho

Bernardo Mira

Carla Neves

Carolina Fioravante

Catharina da Silva

Edson Hachiman

Erika Koch

Guilherme Sá

Jonatas Takatohi

Juliana Mitico

Leonardo Mattos

Mai Kok

Maria Fernanda

Maria José Jereissati

Marta Mitico

Matheus Oliveira

Milena Câmara

Mizael Araújo

Pâmela Mendonça

Patricia Caleiro

Paulo Pena

Priscila Rodrigues

Rafael Silva

Renata Oliveira

Ricardo Lisboa

Rodrigo Moura

Silvia Lei

Sofia Barder

Soraya Braga

Vinícius Parafatti