Residence permit in Brazil based on retirement: how does it work?

In 2019, the Federal Government published a normative resolution with the objective of encouraging retirees and pensioners from other countries to live in Brazil. As with other modalities, the residence permit in Brazil based on retirement follows specific rules and must meet certain requirements.

This type of authorization emerged to facilitate the criteria for obtaining residency and has great potential to encourage investment in the country’s tourist, real estate and commercial market by retired migrants or pensioners who come to live here.

Thus, this new Resolution came to encourage the arrival of this public that is highly sought after on the international scene, as these migrants have the capacity to make investments in the country and inject capital into the real estate sector. Therefore, the residence permit in Brazil based on retirement and pension is a way to attract these people who seek migration for a lifestyle and, often, real estate in coastal areas and tourist regions.

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What is the retirement residence permit?

The residence permit is granted to the migrant who intends to live temporarily or permanently in the country and who meets the requirements of the chosen modality, set out in the legal norms, such as the Migration Law (Law No. 13.445/2017 and Decree No. 9,199/2017).

In order to expand the target audience, Normative Resolution No. 40 was edited in 2019, which brought specific provisions on the granting and procedures for issuing temporary visas and residence permits based on retirement or death pension.

Thus, this modality is applicable to people who are retired or benefiting from a death pension, at the time of visa application.

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What are the conditions for granting?

The new rule provides for proof of income received by the applicant, which is sufficient for their subsistence. Thus, the residence permit is only granted to those who meet the requirements and can prove a minimum income, as provided in article 1, as we can see below:

Art. 1st — The temporary visa may be granted to a retired migrant or beneficiary of a death benefit, who proves the monthly transfer to Brazil of the amount, in foreign currency, in an amount equal to or greater than US$ 2,000.00 (two thousand dollars).

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to regular pensions, this amount can also be proven by the receipt of other income. In this sense, article 3 provides for the forms of proof of income that must be presented to the authority. Look:

Art. 3 – The following must also be presented to the consular authority:

I – proof of retirement and ability to transfer to the country the amount, in foreign currency, in an amount equal to or greater than US$ 2,000.00 (two thousand dollars);

II – proof of receipt of a pension for death in an amount equal to or greater than US$ 2,000.00 (two thousand dollars); or

III – other regular sources of income to complement the amount required in art. 1 of this Normative Resolution, if necessary.

What are the deadlines?

The Resolution provides express provision on the period of residence, determining that the initial period will be up to two years. It should be noted that it can be renewed after that time, upon request to the competent body.

What documents are needed?

Among the main documents provided for in article 2, the migrant must submit to the migration authority to apply for a residence permit:

– valid travel document or other document proving your identity and nationality

– international certificate of immunization, when required by the National Health Surveillance Agency – Anvisa;

– health insurance valid in the national territory;

– criminal record certificate;

– proof of retirement, receipt of a pension or other regular sources of income.

I want to apply for my residence permit!

How can a consulting firm help in this process?

For visa and authorization applications, many documents are required, and it is necessary to follow some very specific procedures, such as apostille and document translation.

It is necessary to pay attention to the particularities of each case, in order to comply with Brazilian legislation. In this sense, it is worth having a specialized consultancy in all stages of the migration process. There are advisory services that provide visa and document services that are necessary for the legal entry and stay of migrants in Brazil.

Therefore, BR-Visa is an excellent choice. It has a team of professionals who work with a global view of the service and are competent to conduct the processes in an agile and helpful way, which guarantees a strategic performance.

I want to apply for my residence permit!

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