Residence Permit for Studies

Modality of residence permit applicable to a migrant who comes to the country to attend a regular course or to do an internship or study or research exchange.


Main Requirements:

1. proof of the applicant’s financial standing or the person responsible for its maintenance in Brazil during the entire period of stay in the country or proof of scholarship, if applicable;

2. proof of enrollment in a Brazilian educational institution, in case of residence permit for study purposes in Brazil;

3. proof of enrollment in an undergraduate or postgraduate course in a foreign educational institution, in the case of residence permit for internship or exchange of study or research purposes;

4. Term of commitment between the intern, the granting party of the internship and the educational institution, and the document must certify the compatibility between the course and the internship activities, when the residence permit is required for this purpose.



1. It is allowed the exercise of paid activity, as long as linked to the educational institution and compatible with the course load.

2. The renewal of the residence period is subject to proof of the continuity of the study, by means of the school enrollment and achievement document and the means of subsistence in Brazil.

3. The educational institution has a legal obligation to notify the Federal Police of any immigrant’s dismissal.


Validity and Renewal

The initial term of the residency is up to one year, renewal allowed linked to the term of course completion.

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