Relocation – The new commercial front at BR-Visa

Mai Kok - Head da BR Relocation
Mai Kok – Head of BR Relocation

BR-Visa presents its new portfolio of Relocation services.

2017 hasn’t yet really started and BR-Visa already has good news. Mai Kok, a professional with more than 16 years’ experience in the area of ??expatriate relocation, has accepted the BR-Visa invitation and will be the partner responsible for the implementation and management of BR Relocation.

In line with its strategy of expansion of services, the company already has the consistent structure to provide all advice for the establishment of the foreigner and his family in Brazil safely and efficiently.

This new area of ??activity of the company, a very personal relationship with the expatriate and his family, covers a very diversified range of services. They are: Housing, Schooling, Settling In, Cross Cultural Training, Departure Services and other complementary ones.

To understand a little more about each of these fronts, it is worth a brief description:

Housing – Assistance in the search for housing. It includes everything from welcome-kit, pre-arrival information and orientation meetings with assignee and HR to help with real estate searches, smart survey, first visits, documentation analysis and lease agreements with legal support.

Schooling – Survey of schools within the profile of the children. Information on vacancies and dates for visit and schedule of visits in institutions.

Settling In – Advice for accommodation, facilities, purchase or rent of vehicles, monitoring of the change, purchase and/or leasing of furniture and equipment, among others.

Cross Cultural Training – Environment tour, Portuguese classes and specific workshops for cultural exchange on topics of interest.

Departure Services – Advisory on the process of leaving Brazil. It includes provisions for termination of the Rental Agreement, delivery of the property, coordination of necessary repairs, termination of accounts and collection of items for sale and disclosure.

Complementary Services – The following services are additional to the other categories listed above: Advisory for maintenance and administration of expatriate payments for housing and service providers, also Spouse Career Counseling, Taylor Made Training, Banking, among others.

With the implementation of BR Relocation, BR-Visa completes its portfolio of services focused on Global Mobility and becomes a 360 ° company specialized in all stages from transfer to customer accommodation on national or foreign soil.

For a commercial presentation, contact us by e-mail [email protected] or call one of our units listed in the ‘Contact’ tab of this site.
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